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Monday, August 4, 2014

A Big Change for the Traditional Album Side of Things

An outside investor has decided to shut down the Ahni and Zoe business as it is currently structured and to re-open a new business (not a direct sales/party plan model) in the fall. His vision is to keep things simple (which is what I LOVED about Ahni and Zoe) and to offer the Fast 2 Fabulous as well as the old style cloth-covered Creative Memories albums (and possibly a few old favorites as well.)I am grateful to have an outside investor who sees a great future in our products! 

I have been a Creative Memories or Ahni and Zoe consultant for the past 12 years and I can say with perspective that this has been a tumultuous past few years for scrapbookers, with two Creative Memories bankruptcies and an Ahni and Zoe receivership (not to mention countless scrapbooking stores around the country closing down.) The crazy thing is that through it all I've still made album after album and as far as I'm concerned, our future is bright as long as Panstoria Print Shop and some remnant of Creative Memories/Ahni and Zoe remains to make our fabulous photo albums for us! 

Ahni and Zoe orders can be placed on my website from now until August 21st, and then we wait! Fast 2 Fabulous albums, slide in albums, predesigned as well as plain white refill pages (under "Other") and tape runners are necessities we can all use so if this is something you have been thinking of now is the time. Our refill pages fit in the old coversets and our tape runner refills fit in the old tape runners, by the way. Magnetic Displays are also unique items and I am not sure if they will be in the new company's offerings or not, I have enjoyed mine.

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