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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Historian and Artisan - A Match Made in Heaven!

Click on this photo to see it better 
I share so much about Artisan (formerly Storybook Creator) because it is easy to get excited about the fun sense of accomplishment you have when you create beautiful pages and hardbound books from your photos, but I don't want to neglect the power of Historian (formerly Memory Manager.) They work so well together and I cannot imagine my digital life without EITHER of them! As someone with 75,000 photographs, I am forever indebted to the creators of this fine software, Panstoria. I can edit photos, tell the story, rate the photos, keep up with which ones I have printed and not printed, and find ANY PICTURE I WANT in seconds either by using the timeline feature (that's automatic) or by using the Sort Boxes and folders I have created. I have Sort Boxes for Activities, Events, Travel, School, Individuals, Holidays, Parties, and then folders under each of them with specific events. Search made easy (and then you just shoot it over to Artisan to use in a project!

It took no time to make this comparison page - thank you Historian!

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