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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's Talk Fonts!

Let's Talk Fonts!

There are so many free fonts available for download on the Internet (Google's my best friend!) and that has made for some of my favorite digital scrapbook pages in Artisan (formerly Creative Memories' Storybook Creator.) When you download a free font, extract it and then copy it into your Windows "font" folder, it immediately shows up as one of your choices in Artisan for use in your projects. Check out some pages I have made recently using some of these free fonts I have found (in case you are wondering, they are "Aerosmith", Gracey's Curse" and "Blaster Eternal.") So much fun to have options like $39.95 Artisan is a great value. You can learn more about it and download it right here from my blog if you click on the banner....

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