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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fran's Tips for Celebrating Life!

  • A. Remove your pictures from your camera or phone weekly by uploading them into your computer, preferably using a photo organizing/editing software such as Panstoria's Historian (hint - you don't have to use the default photo software that came with your camera!)
  • B. For extra security upload the photos to a photo developing website such as Shutterfly to prevent the loss of photos in case of a catastrophic event
  • C. Look for great deals to order your photos - Shutterfly frequently offers discount plans, free shipping, etc...
  • D. Make a commitment of time to DO something with your photos while the memories are fresh in your brain. That may include telling a quick story using the journaling function in Historian, taking an afternoon to put your developed photos into an album, or creating digital pages/albums using scrapbooking software such as Panstoria's Artisan
  • E. Share your creations with those you love - it lets them know how much you appreciate them and how important they are to you in your life
  • F. Repeat!

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