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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Preserving Memories with Digital Storybooks

I designed this Christmas book using my Artisan software and am about to get a book printed by the Panstoria Print Shop - I love traditional scrapbooking but there's something to be said for the speed and artistic touches of digital as well! While Creative Memories no longer supports Storybook Creator and Memory Manager, Panstoria does, so I am now a Panstoria affiliate and I can help you make the switch (or if you have never used them, I can help you start your journey towards customized digital scrapbooks and better photo organization with Artisan and Historian.)


If you are due to update your Storybook Creator to Artisan and your Memory Manager to Historian, you can download them via the banners on the right side of this blog (note: if you are on your phone, make sure to switch to the "web version" - scroll to the very bottom to find this option on my blog.) 

Importantly, with Panstoria we now have access to updates and support, and I found the transition to both to be seamless when I did it this summer. Let me know when you want to do this and I can help you - shoot me an email at if you have any questions or need any help. Artisan is only $39.95 and it is identical to Storybook Creator with at least one added benefit: your license allows it to go on two computers! Historian is also $39.95 and it is identical to Memory Manager.