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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fitting Scrapbooking into the Nooks and Crannies of Your Life!

Ahhhh, spring break 2015 - days at the theme parks, meeting characters, riding rides and eating food that I didn't have to cook, this was the life. Sadly it's coming to an end, but our memories will last forever because this Momma is determined to tell these stories before the finer details slip away as life returns to normal. These are blessed and special times for our family, and anyone who knows me won't be surprised that I took 1,036 photos on this trip. And guess what? I am not sweating it because I was actually able to organize and edit my photos AND scrap my vacation while I was ON vacation - how about that? With Panstoria's Historian I was able to take all the photos off of my camera at the end of each day so I could feel good that in the event of a "camera catastrophe" they were in more than one location. I took it one more level and actually started my vacation scrapbook by using my Artisan software to begin my 12X12 hardback book! No wifi at our timeshare? No problem! You don't have to be online to create your project (but you do have to be online to download the software or to upload your book to the Panstoria Print Shop  - that's why I recommend buying it and your artwork before you head out of town.)

A little downtime while the boys are sleeping - what better time to start our scrapbook?

It is so fun watching your photos quickly transform into pages that will eventually be turned into  a beautiful, well-crafted hardbound book that your family can enjoy for all time. You can design the front and back cover of the book and your album can be up to 99 pages long - I love the 12X12 size, but there are smaller options as well. Your art collection of papers, embellishments and fonts can be used over and over again and best of all,none of this takes up any more space in your house or your luggage than your computer itself! 

We all take pictures to capture the most wonderful times in our lives - the places we've seen, the people we love, the meals we have enjoyed. We proudly display them on Facebook, we might even organize them in folders on our computers, if we're really good we take the time to upload them to a photo website. Unfortunately in our digital world, getting them developed is something we are no longer forced to do - those rolls of film aren't piling up like they used to, reminding us to take a trip to the drugstore to see what photos are waiting for us. Nowadays, maybe folks think they'll eventually get around to it, but they don't have time now to put those photos in albums and tell the great stories that go along with them. My message  - if it's important to you, make the time (even if it's in the nooks and crannies of your life! :) Step off Facebook for 30 minutes (gasp!) Let the laundry or the dishes wait til tomorrow (eek!) Say no to that additional committee meeting! We can all do it! :)

I have been reading The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You by Jessica Turner because I want to find ways to help others find (or make) the time they need for themselves and for their photos.I know that I am no superwoman, but I feel in my heart that my family, my home, my health and my career are in good shape, and somehow I find the time to make scrapbooks because I WANT to. Jessica writes that we OWE it to ourselves to find downtime, to let the laundry wait a day, to say no to an obligation that stresses you out, and to unleash the creative part of ourself that we all have to nurture to become a whole person. Maybe scrapbooking isn't it for you, but if it is, you owe it to yourself to make the time. These memories aren't going to get any fresher.

Scrapbooking does not have to be time consuming but it does need to be done in a quality fashion with the best tools. Digital scrapbooking with Panstoria's Artisan is perfect for people who don't want the adhesives, the papers and the cutting tools - watch how this story is starting to develop within a matter of minutes...

Can't wait to wrap this project up and to add my new album to my collection of digital scrapbooks-what book do you want to work on? 

As always, feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions about my digital or traditional scrapbooks, my workshops, my retreats, or anything Panstoria or CM Group has to offer! Click on the banners on this blog to learn more about them - I receive a small commission for any purchases made through these links so I thank you in advance for your support! Thanks for reading and keep scrappin'!

Fran Smitherman, CM Advisor and Panstoria Affiliate

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