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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Future is Bright with "Forever" In It

What is Forever you might wonder? Only the world's first SECURE PERMANENT PHOTO STORAGE SOLUTION! I am sitting here in my hotel room after attending the inaugural ForeverLive2015 event and I am just brimming with excitement over the future that Glen Meakem, the CEO and Founder of Forever, is bringing to us.

I signed up over a year ago to be a Panstoria affiliate so I could continue to offer my customers our beloved Historian and Artisan software (as well as fantastic digital artwork.) When the company Forever acquired Panstoria I was intrigued to find out what it was they brought to the table. Turns out they bring a LOT!

Forever offers permanent storage plans for your very best photos - you basically own (not rent) a place in the cloud and that is backed up on three servers. Lost or broken Smartphones, fire, floods, car wrecks, burglaries or computer/hard drive crashes are all threats to our photos, but with permanent online cloud storage those fears can be put to rest.  The Forever Guarantee Fund is similar to an endowment or an insurance policy in that its sole existence is to grow over time and to only be used to upgrade  and maintain the servers and the file formats. And instead of paying every year as you do for home, life and auto insurance, you pay up front to own these photos in full resolution for your life plus 100 years. WOW! You can even pass your account on for future generations. Talk about sleeping safer at night.

NO OTHER COMPANY promises the permanence or the privacy that Forever offers. Shutterfly, Facebook, and DropBox want our information to sell to advertisers, plain and simple. There is no assumption of permanence (they can delete your photos if you are not active after a certain period of time) and they can shrink the resolution to make more room on their servers - they could also go away at any time as we saw with Kodak Gallery (I lost some pictures myself there years ago.) They are not promising us ANYTHING. Even disks  deteriorate and hard drives and computers can crash. Knowing that Forever is investing in not only protecting our photos but also in upgrading along with changing technology lets me sleep a LOT better at night.

Forever is my FOREVER home for my best and most valuable photos. They also offer digitization services and they will scan photos, photo albums, even physical objects. Forever has an app so you can sync your photos to your Forever account from your smartphone, and they will also continue to offer Historian, Artisan and digital artwork. And just launched this weekend is Forever Projects, a simple way to make projects right from your PC or Mac!

Can you tell how excited I am?

I would encourage everyone to start their own free Forever account today by going to my Forever website and signing up. Once you set up an account on your PC you can then download the app to your phone so you can access it on the go as well! Free accounts have 3 G of storage (holds about 1000 photos.) If you need more storage I will be happy to help you with creating a permanent account.

Forever is the future and I am so excited to be a part of it! I want you to be a part of it too - this is too good not to share.

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