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Monday, December 21, 2015

Take control of your photo chaos with Forever!

My Forever team recently held a Facebook event with our friends and family to show off all that Forever has to offer. It was eye opening for so many attendees and while I don't have the space to include all of the comments from the event,  I have included the transcript of the posts here for you. Note - A few missing posts were actually pop quizzes for prizes so excuse a few "missing" paragraphs.

There is a great 20% off sale going on until the end of the year (Merry20 is the code!) so now is the perfect time to look into a permanent storage account, Artisan, Historian and digital artwork (or to become an Ambassador yourself - the kits are on sale too!!) Click on the Forever banner to the right to go to my Forever page. 

Take control of your photo chaos with Forever! 

We are so excited you are joining us Sunday to learn more about controlling your photo chaos! School may be out, but everyone likes extra credit - here's your chance to move to the top of the class! If you set up a free account with Forever and install the App on your Smartphone we will send you a free ebook detailing the ways your photos are in danger. Just post a picture of your Forever home page and we will send you your 34-page ebook!
Forever Intro Video

Got photos? LOTS of them? Everywhere? Smartphones, harddrives, laptops, external harddrvies, flashdrives, online retailers, facebook...the list is ENDLESS.
Wouldn't it be great to have them all stored permanently in ONE place and not have to worry about them? 
Wouldn't it be great to have them accessible to you, families and friends when needed to create fabulous photo projects including storybooks?

Everyone takes pictures - smartphones, snap n shoot cameras and expensive cameras. What do you do with them? how many times have you looked through your smartphone and awwed over pictures you took a few months - years ago? how would you feel if your phone dropped in the water or was stolen without getting a chance to back it up? what about your computer? how many have you had in the past 10 years? were you able to recover your photos from all the computers you've had? wouldn't it be nice to have all the special photos somewhere you could feel safe about and have access to while on the go with an app? Are you ready to learn about something that will help with all of the above???
Forever was founded by Glen Meakem who previously founded the highly successful business-to-business ecommerce company, FreeMarkets, Inc.
The Forever mission
Glen founded Forever because he believes peoples’ critical family memories are at risk. He believes that by combining modern digital technology, including cloud storage, with modern financial tools like a permanent guarantee fund (similar to an endowment) and highly ethical business practices, that he and our team have created a better way for people and families to preserve and share their most important traditions, values, and memories.
POST 3A: When people printed photos we ended up going through boxes of them when a love one dies. Now, we don’t even know where their photos are! Some are on various printing services, some on hard drives, some on phones and some already lost due to hardware failures.
Now, we’re going to look at the online storage we use and some of the weaknesses. It is not bad to use any of these services, it is just important to understand where they might fail you and why you need Forever Guaranteed Storage.
POST 3B: Are your photos safe long term where you are storing them? Have you ever read the terms and conditions? Here are a few weaknesses of a few that I looked at. Many of them have almost identical terms.

POST 3C: Did you know many services will delete your information if you don't buy something every year? You may say you order a lot now, but what if you were diagnosed with cancer and were going through treatment.. would you order every year? Could your family still get the photos the next year?

POST 3D: When you put your photos on free services you are sacrificing your privacy!

POST 3E: Walmart lowers your resolution of stored photos after 90 days. YIKES!

POST 3F: Where are your photos when you pass away? First, does your family know where to find them? Second, did they get deleted because you died?

POST 3F: Forever is the solution to long term storage. Your life time plus 100 years GUARANTEED!

POST 3G: With Forever, you don't have those concerns! Guaranteed storage. No data mining, photos in one place and passed on from generation to generation...EVEN file types are preserved and converted over time!

Post 4: FOREVER is the world’s first, on-line,permanent storage and sharing company. It gives us the opportunity to honor,protect, and share our family’s memories and pass them down for generations. Forever is the only company to offer permanent storage and Forever has a patent pending on this product. Many of the companies that offer storage will tell you in their privacy statements NOT TO RELY on them as a cloud storage. If it is a free account, they can delete your content at their discretion. If it is a paid account, they will delete once you stop paying for their services, Forever won’t. You content will always be there and Forever will never go in and delete your content.

Post 4A: Forever is tripled backed up in three different locations throughout the US. So if one location is down, you still have access to your content.

Post 4B: With Forever, you will maintain ownership of your content in your storage account, you control who can see your content, and you can trust that your data will not be mined nor sold to an outside company. Your Forever account is fully encrypted so that your documents and photos will be safe.

Post 4C: Forever can be used with Apple Products and Windows based products with Apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android, iOS and Windows operating systems

Post 4D: With Valet, you can set your photos that you store on your computer to upload straight to your Forever account. Valet will be discussed in a separate post.

Post 4E: Glen Meakem is the founder and CEO of FOREVER. Glen has been extremely successful as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Glen started FOREVER, Inc. in May 2012.Glen was watching his father getting older and one day, received a box of his memories, photos and awards. All of the items that were the most precious to him. His first thought was to go put these items in a safe and make sure nothing happens to them. But, on the other hand, he really wanted his family to see them and enjoy them, however his family is scattered all across the country. That was when the wheel in his brain started turning and he started to create the idea of PERMANENT storage. He thought, “What can I do to make these items not only permanent, but shareable?” That is where the idea and the roots of FOREVER come from.

Post 4F: Forever is not only about permanent storage, these services will be discussed in detail in another post. Forever also offers conversion services; converting those precious memories into digital format and then placing them in our account. We also offer digital software to create beautiful scrapbooks and pages and to organize your digital photos. And we offer beautiful digital art that can be used within the software to create those beautiful albums.

POST 5: Have you seent this on your phone or iPad? You will never see this notice on your phone when you have the Forever App!
The Forever App gives you the freedom to automatically backup all your photos in one safe home - your Forever storage cloud. The App lets you organize your photos on the go, arrange them by timeline, and easily share them.

POST 5A: the Forever App is so simple to use! Click the camera icon to open your camera and have the photo automatically uploaded to your Forever account; click the Photos icon to add photos...

POST 6 - Make it online with Forever Projects.
Making simple print projects on the web is a snap with Forever. With our easy online tool you can make a project in no time and enjoy high quality prints of your memories.

Post 7
Artisan 4 is for 32 bit computers and Artisan 5 is for 64 bit computers

post 7b

Post 7c

Post 7d

post 7e

Post 7F

POST 8: Digital Kits. Forever sells digital kits for use in Artisan. Easy to download, easy to install. Every topic I wanted while designing my Christmas Calendars, I found in the digital kits.

POST 9 All this talk of storybooks makes me want to talk about Storybooks! They are the perfect way to document a special holiday, a memorable vacation, a baby's first year, a wedding, a sports team's year or just about anything that you want to document quickly and without a mess! All you need is your computer, your photos and either Artisan or Forever Projects.
Benefits – No mess, just you and your laptop! Can easily order multiples of the same book! You can use your “paper” and “stickers” over and over again, you own your content!

Post 9 video smile emoticon
POST 10: Historian is a desktop, photo management software program (doesn't require internet to use it!) that allows you to share, organize, and edit your digital images & videos. It is incredibly easy to use!
What if I told you that you can have all your photos on your computer automatically sorted by date? This is probably my favorite feature of Historian! 

POST 10A: With Historian, you can sort and organize your photos the way you want to! You can create folders and tags to help you sort your photos. You can even journal and tell a story about a photo without fear of having a limited number of characters (this is also one of my favorite features!). Imagine being able to remember the details of silly picture from a few years ago because you typed the story in Historian...

POST 10B: If you're like me, your pictures sometimes (okay, usually) need a little TLC. Editing can be as quick and easy or as fancy as you'd like it to be. Historian can walk you through the 7 most common editing needs or you can go rogue and do the ones you want. Look at a few of my favorite editing features (click on each picture so you can read about the feature used)...

POST 10D: Historian is also great for sharing pictures, videos, and slide shows. You can share via email, post on social media, and easily upload to your Forever account. 
Album organization is also a fun feature of Historian! You can select the type of traditional pages that you want to use and use the Album feature in Historian to organize your layouts.

POST 11 - Everything in one place
Forever Valet makes it easy to upload all your photos and albums from your desktop into Forever.
Choose any folder on your desktop and Valet will upload those photos plus any new photos to your Forever Inbox
Upload photos, albums and metadata directly from iPhoto, Aperture and Picasa web.
* Picasa web currently only available for Windows
POST 14 A calendar is a wonderful way to enjoy some of your favorite memories throughout the year. Artisan created calendars comes in four different sizes. Two of the available wall calendars feature a full page layout on the top and a tear away grid section on the bottom. The page layout is 12x12 or 8x8.
There is also an 8.5 x 11 wall calendar and a 4 x 10 desk calendar option.
Forever offers quick calendar pages that you can just insert your favorite photos in. You can also use your own creativity to create your own unique pages. The Artisan program operates completely offline until you are ready to upload your project to for printing.
Think it’s too late to do a calendar for 2016? You can start your calendar with any month of the year. Why not start one today and have it in time for Valentine’s day?

Post 15 - Forever Digitization Services. Any of you like me and live in mortal fear of fire, flood or tornadoes destroying your photo albums, photos or videos? I have been a scrapbooker for as long as I can remember and I have over 90 albums so I was relieved to discover that Forever offers digitization services for not only videos and photos but also of entire photo albums. The photos, the journaling, and the embellishments can all be preserved with their white glove service, and all size boxes include not only the price of the digitization service itself, but also the three-way shipping and insurance or your package.

POST 18: Remember all those special people and moments with a double sided ornament. Artisan lets you personalize an ornament for your tree to reflect your own style. There are five different styles available.
The ornament is printed on white aluminum which will make it last for years to come. This also opens it up to be used for many other purposes, like a gift tag or a luggage tag. This project can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Once completed you upload it to to process it for printing.
Here are two of the styles available to make.
This video tutorial takes you through the steps for creating an ornament.…/

POST 21 gift certificates available - purchase today for the extra incentive and use by 12/30 with MERRY20 code for extra savings
Gift certificates do NOT expire
Be sure to enter a FOREVER Ambassador at checkout

POST 22 MERRY20 coupon code for 20% discount at checkout

POST 23 - If you like what you heard today, and want to start a new business adventure in 2016... Ambassador opportunity. $149 kit is also on sale until 12/30 20% off!. help others keep their photos safe and earn commission on all your sales.
No minimums or quotas

Post 24A ForeverLive! Who wants to join us at the picture party of the year? It is not just for Ambassadors, it is for ANYONE who loves their photos! Watch this quick video to see what it's all about! Check out the party around 2:26 :)
smile emoticon

Post 24 B Pictures of Forever Live!
ForeverLive 2015 was a blast and I cannot wait until ForeverLive 2016! It was just announced that it will be held in Nashville, TN in September. The earlier you buy your tickets the more you save was so let one of us know if you want to get in on the fun for less money. The inaugural event was so much fun - great food, tons of cropping time, education on photography and digital photo preservation, and a gala dinner with dancing the last night! This is a great opportunity for scrapbookers, photo organizers, photo enthusiasts and anyone interested in capturing their memories and telling stories!
All experience levels are welcome - there will be many sessions to choose from (not to mention hours of dedicated traditional or digital cropping time - whoot!) There is a welcome reception on Thursday night, snacks, lunch, speakers and crop time on Friday and Saturday, a gala dinner on Saturday night, and a crop on Sunday that lasts until noon (no rush to check out.)
Speakers and goody bags (worth over $300 last year) to be announced. In 2015 we heard from Glen Meakem, Founder and CEO of Forever, Inc, Tory Johnson, best-selling author of The Shift, Mike Carroll and Paul Schweiser, the developers of our beloved Artisan (Storybook Creator) and Historian (Memory Manager) software programs, the Pixies of Pixels2Pages, and Nick Kelsh (renowned photographer and author of 9 books) and more.

Post Event Homework
Once you've had a chance to digest the information shared this the FOREVER Ambassador who invited you if you have additional questions (or you can post here) and definitely reach out to her before purchasing...
But if nothing else, please BACKUP your photos in the next 24 hours...We hope you never need it, but it's sure nice to have when you do.
I invite each of you to create an Intro account at by 12/22 & let your Ambassador know you've created it. It's FREE and allows you to store up to 3gb of photos. Special gift for you when you do!

I hope this helps! Reach out to me if you are interested in any of this and have a very Merry Christmas! Take lots of pictures and keep scrappin'! Fran