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Monday, August 29, 2016

Preserve Your Memories Forever!

As the world moves to digital, Forever is right there with you making sure your memories are safe.I have loved the security of knowing my tens of thousands of photographs are preserved safely, privately and securely in the cloud, backed by the Forever Guarantee Fund. My photos and documents go into my account from my phone app, from my desktop using the free Valet photo uploader and from the excellent scanning services offered by the company's digitization facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It is so fun to see my memories all in one place and to feel organized and secure in my memory keeping efforts. Even more exciting is the ability to access them all on the go while on my phone, as well as the ability to share them securely with family and friends. I can even create fun projects such as books, canvases, mugs and so much more in the Forever Projects tab!

A snapshot of my home page - those pictures are simply one of many within my "albums" I have created

If you are like me and have LOTS of memories, I would recommend one of the storage packages. All size storage accounts (one time payment only) are 20% off until the end of the September at Software, artwork and printing are also on sale using the code School20, and for now, new Ambassadors get the extra privilege of a 30% coupon at signup. Being a part of the community has been a lot of fun and joining as an Ambassador is the best route for many who are passionate about photo preservation.
It's never a bad time to join Forever (but August is just particularly sweet!)

If you just have a few pictures that you want to preserve and share and like the idea of backing up your smartphone, now is the time to get your name and password set up and to download the ForeverApp for your iphone or Android.Forever offers a free account that will go from 3G to 1G in October so by setting it up now you will get grandfathered in at the higher rate.

I love this company and the promise of privacy and permanence that it offers - there is no price tag on peace of mind. Please comment below if you have any questions or comments and thank you as always for reading! Fran

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make Your Life Brilliant!

I've written before about the challenges of finding time to scrapbook or to organize your digital images. It is something so many of us aspire to - we know our memories are important and we want to preserve every moment so we can enjoy them later, but so many days slip away from us without doing anything to get us closer to our goal of completed albums. And it doesn't stop with photo albums! Do you have other dreams - dreams of losing weight, dreams of sending more cards to family and friends, dreams of growing your own business, dreams of saving money for a special trip  - that seem to get lost in the habits, routine and shuffle of day to day life? Do you want to make a commitment to be more intentional with your time and make those dreams a reality? Then the Brilliant Life Planner is for you! 

So Much More than a Planner

About a year ago I discovered the Brilliant Business Moms. I loved their positive message and the free printables they sent me to get me on the path of putting my dreams in writing. I filled them out with gusto and made a commitment to myself to make each moment of each day matter. Here are a few of my favorites:

It felt so good to put my dreams, no matter how big or impossible they seemed, in print, and as I filled the worksheets out I began to grow in my confidence that with baby steps, I could get where I needed to go to make my dreams come true! I made miniature copies of my "Big Goal Mind Mapping" sheet once it was filled out and I kept it in my purse as a reminder of why I was doing what I was doing. What an inspiration! I even made a picture collage of one of my top dreams (to become a Lead Ambassador with a company I love called Forever) as an extra reminder to carry with me and guess what - DREAMS DO COME TRUE! By staying on track, sticking to my plans, and working intentionally each day instead of letting time slip away from me, I was able to achieve my dreams. Thanks Brilliant Business Moms! 

As a full time investment professional, Mom, wife, friend, daughter, supporter of other women's businesses, Creative Memories advisor, Forever Ambassador, and personal scrapbooker, I have a MILLION things running through my head at all times. With all of these dreams and only 24 hours hours in a day, no regular calendar was going to get me where I want to go. I needed plenty of room to write out not only my appointments, but also my thoughts, my plans, my challenges, and my list of daily accomplishments and plans for the week/month/year. That is why I am so excited about the 2017 Brilliant Life Planner - I've already ordered mine (I went for the lovely Blue Stripe but they are all gorgeous, inside and out!)

Each planner comes with 4 goal setting pages similar to the free printables I fell in love with, as well as full color on the inside, two page monthly spreads, 37 lined pages for notes, and 8 project planning pages for your biggest tasks of the year. Everyone that buys the bundle now will receive not only the planner itself, but also free printables, a PDF copy of their book Time Management Mama, a free course and all of the positivity and support you can imagine from the Brilliant Business Moms themselves, Beth Anne Schwamberger and Sarah Korhnak. All of this is just $50 during the kickstarter campaign, wow! Prices will go up by $10 once the campaign is over so this is the best deal!

Order your own Brilliant Life Planner!

What are your dreams? Don't let another day get away from you - let's be intentional together! Whether you want to commit to photo album completion and photo organization and preservation, grow a business, lose weight, grow in your job, or just manage your every day life, putting your dreams in print will greatly increase your chances of success. Don't forget to check out the Brilliant Business Moms' Facebook page as well - lots of fun free webinars and encouragement there! Keep scrappin' and thanks for reading!

PS - I volunteered to be on the "Launch Team" for this planner out of sheer love for what the Brilliant Business Moms do - I am not an affiliate and receive no benefit when others purchase this planner through this blog, I am simply sharing the love for others who might want to plan for an intentional and beautiful 2017!