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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Summer Scrapbook Ideas You Can Use Now! June Blog Hop Stop Number One

Summer is a great time for taking pictures, and it is also a great time to do something special WITH those pictures! Everything slows down just a little bit in the summertime, and it is so wonderful here in the South to kick off the end of the school year with a family get together to commemorate Memorial Day. Where there is family, there is food, and where there is food there are often photos. That is exactly why I was so excited about the newest collection from Creative Memories appropriately titled Made with Love (oh yeah, and I do sort of have this obsession with gingham!) The collection features beautiful food themed papers, stickers and mats, and it is truly stunning for your scrapbook pages. 

The Creative Memories Made with Love Collection  is perfect for your delicious "foodie" pages

While there are even newer paper packs and sticker sets that just came out this week such as the limited edition Americana and Adventure collections, I was still very excited to work on some recipe pages using "Made with Love." You will see I was fortunate to have a little help from three very special women in my life. I hope I will inspire you to do the same with some of your summer food photos! 

Let's Start with A Very Special Wedding Gift 

When I was engaged to be married, my mother's sister gave me the greatest gift a girl could imagine. It was a collection of recipe cards in the handwriting of my beloved aunts, cousins and grandmothers, and it is irreplaceable. I have naturally scanned them all and stored them in my Forever account in an album called "Recipes" because these are documents I want to keep for generations. I treasure this gift so much and can almost imagine my Nana and my Italian aunts sitting at the table writing them out, and I can practically taste and smell the dishes as I am reading the cards.

Treasured family recipes collected for me by my aunt for a wedding present

My Nana's and my mother's handwriting in one place

Adding Pictures to the Recipe Card Concept

My Mom and my two aunts are such amazing cooks and I always love getting recipes from them, but this Memorial Day I asked a special favor of them. I knew they would be bringing delicious dishes to our get together so I asked them in advance if they would mind if I brought them some Made with Love mats to transcribe their recipes on while we were visiting. They of course said yes, so I brought my camera and made sure to get a picture of them writing down their recipes for me. Seeing who lovingly prepared the dish is just one more element that makes these memories and family treasures even more special. 

"Skinny" sweet potato fries prepared by my Aunt Sherry

An Irish Cream Cake prepared by my own Mom with the recipe written in her handwriting 

A delicious butter bean Greek salad with the recipe written in my Aunt Donna's handwriting (it was a long recipe so I will most likely be using a 4X6 sleeve to include the third card!)

I am so happy with the way this two page spread turned out!
So the next time you are getting together with family or friends, bring your camera and some slide in cards and ask if them if they wouldn't mind taking just a moment to share their recipe with you in their own writing. Do take a picture of the dish as well as the cook!  Preserving memories can happen anywhere at any time ,and they will surely be flattered that you thought of them and want to celebrating their cooking. Can you think of any other way to document family recipes? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! 

For more ideas on ways you can create scrapbook pages this summer, please enjoy the rest of the "Blog Hop!"

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  1. What a treasure! Thanks for the inspiration - I need to get some recipes written down by the cooks in our family!

    1. Lisa it's a work in progress but every step taken matters! Thanks so much for your kind words!!!

  2. Love how you incorporated this project into your Memorial Day celebration! Thanks also for the idea about scanning important memorabilia into our Forever accounts.

    1. Thanks Karyn-I think I'll make it a family tradition from now on! Yes I'm grateful for the added protection Forever offers to save these memories away from our homes as well.

  3. What a treasure that cookbook is! I'm so glad you know how to preserve it!

    1. Nicole it was an amazing and tearful moment when she gave it to me

  4. What a great idea! I have a sound tape of my grandma & I from years ago when she was teaching me to make bulkies! Sadly, she, my mom & aunts have passed. I have recipes but no photos. Going forward, that'll change so my kids will be able to enjoy those special memories. :)

    1. Sharon I have a tape my paternal grandfather made for me before he died-he sang and played the piano and talked to us, it's so hard to listen to but it's a treasure! Tapes won't last much longer so I'm getting mine converted at Forever to move it to a safer format.

      I'm glad I've inspired you to put pictures with your treasured recipes. Thank you so much for your comments and enjoy the ideas. We love hearing from you here and on our Facebook page!